Sifu Tanya Davis began her martial arts training in 2005, studying Tae Kwon Do under Sensei Carol Middleton at D.C. Self Defense Karate Association. After moving to Baltimore in 2008, she began training in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu. She received her black sash in 2013 at Goh’s Kung Fu, in the Tien Shan Pai derived curriculum of Master Anthony Goh, founder and president of the USA Wushu Kung Fu Federation.  She earned her second degree black sash in traditional Tien Shan Pai with Master Paul Jakubowski, at U.S. Martial Arts Academy, Ltd in 2019.

Sifu Davis has competed regularly in Kung Fu tournaments since 2013, most recently winning silver medals in both long staff and straight sword in the 2019 nationals. She has also coached her students to medal-winning tournament performances for three consecutive years.


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